Diana Mbala

About L'Africaine Boutique

L'Africaine Boutique is a proudly African fashion brand founded and managed by Diana Mbala. Inspired by all things Africa, we combine traditional African clothing and materials with a modern easy to wear style, made for all people in Africa and around the world. Our clothing is truly one of a kind and you will only ever find one item of clothing in a specific style – our aim is to make each of our customers feel strong, confident, unique and breathtakingly beautiful in their L'Africaine wear.

L'Africaine Boutique is a mixture of cultures combined into unique outfits. All of our products are made with materials sourced from all over Africa and we combine these unique materials with glitter and diamonds.Each design is unique and one of a kind, you can be assured that if you buy one of our outfits you will be the only person to own it and wear it like the king or queen that you are. Special care is taken with our accessories to go with each outfit.We are creating a unified Africa that includes all cultures with outfits for men, woman and children. L'Africaine Boutique invites you to let us bring out the King or Queen in you. Little girls will be crowned princesses, and little boys the kings that can look after our beautiful princesses.