Quality Materials

Bold, Bright and Unique African Fashion

Welcome to L'Africaine Boutique.

All of our products are made from the finest quality imported fabrics and are completely one of a kind.

Be Unique. Be One Of A kind. Be L'Africaine.


L'Africaine Boutique creates one of a kind, African inspired fashion.

All of our pieces are unique and made from only the best quality materials available to us.

Our materials are bought from all corners of Africa which adds to the exclusivity of each piece as materials are limited, if you purchase one of our garments you will be the only person to own and wear that design.


Inspiring Creativity while Awaking Africa

One of a kind inspired African fashion

Proud of African Fashion

We offer a wide variety of products including:
Dresses, Pants, Jackets, Shoes, Bags, Clutch Purses, Handbags, Wallets, Jewelry

And our range of products expand with each adventure we take into Africa. If you love bold and bright fashion, and being unique, L'Africaine Boutique will be a joy to visit!

We aim to make African inspired fashion wearable for all people in South Africa and around the world.